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Businessdelegation Irak
Businessdelegation Irak
Frau Schmidke vom Akademischen Auslandsamt...

Businessdelegation Irak
Businessdelegation Irak
Umwelt braucht Bildung - zu Besuch bei...

Businessdelegation Irak
Businessdelegation Irak
Abfallverwertungsanlagen aus Boldebuck nach...

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Umwelt braucht Bildung - zu Besuch bei Nordum.
Businessdelegation Irak

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for topics concerning
inter-cultural communication between Arabia and Berlin  Werkausstellung / in the frame of the open space workshop: Building Bridges - Arab & German students forging links between German companies and the Arab world using
sustainable technology. Invitation to an economically oriented exchange of thought BERLIN 13.12.2003
Prof.Dr. Ali Al Sarmini



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