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GASP University Placement

GASP University Placement & Relocation Service is a service institution that is legally sponsored by the Gesellschaft fr Agrar- und Stadtoekologische Projekte mbH (GASP), located in Berlin.
GASP is registered at the Charlottenburg District Court under the number HRB 71452.

What do we offer?

GASP helps applicants secure university placement for an initial degree (Bachelors, Diplom, Magister), postgraduate studies (Masters, Diplom), a doctoral position (PhD), a medical specialist training (med. Residency), or a position for further education at a university, technical university and research and/or academic institution.

 15 PhD Scholarships in Configurations of Humans, Machines and Gender, Interdisciplinary Analyses at University Braunschweig  

The interdisciplinary doctoral project Configurations of Humans, Machines and Gender (kommag) seeks excellent and highly motivated Master graduates. The program focuses on four research fields and will work across the boundaries of the social sciences, media studies, the humanities and the natural and engineering sciences. Send your complete application as well as a 5 pages outline to Deadline September 1, 2016.

 11 PhD positions in Tissue Development and Remodeling at the University of Marburg  

The DFG-funded research training group (GRK 2213) in Membrane Plasticity in Tissue Development and Remodeling is looking for highly motivated Master graduates with a strong background in cell/developmental/molecular biology or biochemistry. Send the complete application by email to Ms Katja Gessner: Deadline July 15, 2016.

 10 PhD positions in cancer research at the Berlin School of Integrative Oncology (BSIO)  

The BSIO-Cancer School offers research positions in integrative oncology for several highly motivated graduates. Early stage researchers with biomedical Masters degree or Bachelor (fast track) or MD are invited to send their applications.Deadline June 15, 2016

  2 PhD Positions in Cell Biology Understanding Membrane Traffic and Cellular Motility in Berlin  

The Leibniz-Institut fr Molekulare Pharmakologie Cell Biology is looking for ambitious, highly motivated graduates with a passion for cell biology. A master degree in Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Molecular Medicine or
Biophysics with excellent grades is required. Previous experience with cell biology techniques, microscopy and image processing is advantageous. Send your complete application until July 7, 2016 to: Mrs Marina Spors Email:

 Regulations for recognition procedures for Non-German speaking physicians in Germany - Medical Specialist Language Examination (Fachsprachenprfung)  

The Medical Specialist Language Examination - MSLE (Fachsprachenprfung) on C1 level according CEFR in generally is divided into 3-4 sections 20 minutes:

1. Doctor - patient discussion (vocal)
Anamnesis interview like learnt during the study. After that diagnosis and patient suggestions for further diagnosis and treatment. Objective: It is important that the patient understands the doctor right and good.
2. Anamnesis sheet (written)
Objective: Linguistically correct and complete transfer of the anamnesis results to an anamnesis sheet.
3. Documents: lab requisition form; medical evidence (vocal & written)
4. Doctor - doctor discussion (vocal)
Meeting and discussion with two or more doctors with a medical report about the patient examination (anamnesis, diagnosis, prognosis and epicrisis).
Objective: Linguistically correct and complete medical case presentation and discussion.
The exam is offered several times a year at the health examination bureau and/or chamber of physicians and could be repeated in case of failure.

Order your individual intensive course from your home country for your best C1-specialist language examination preparation in Germany. Send us your order wishes by email:

 14 PhD Positions in Key Mechanism for Ageing University Halle  

The Research Training Group ProMoAge: Protein Modification: A Key Mechanism for Ageing offers PhD positions for excellent graduates in biogerontology, chemistry, biochemistry, biology, biophysics, and related areas. Send the complete application until May 15, 2016 to: Prof. Dr. Andreas Simm Email:

 10 PostDoc positions in CellNetworks - Heidelberg University  

The Cluster of Excellence CellNetworks of Heidelberg University CellNetworks looks for 10 new postdocs with background in life-science with expertise from biology, medicine, physical chemistry, biophysics, material science and advanced computation. Deadline: May 16, 2016

 PhD Position in Molecular Pharmacology and Cell Biology at the FMP Institute in Berlin  

The Leibniz-Institut fuer Molekulare Pharmakologie (FMP in Berlin) offer a PhD position for applicants with a Diploma or MSc degree in biochemistry, molecular biology, or a similar degree. Candidates with experience in molecular cell and/ or neurobiology, proteinbiochemistry and microscopical imaging techniques are especially encouraged to apply. The applicants need very good English language skills. Please send your full application including CV and the names and contact information of 2-3 referees to Mr Prof.Dr. Haucke. Email: Deadline for the complete application: March 31, 2016.

 Several PhD Positions in Neuroscience of Communication at the IMPRS-NeuroCom-University Leipzig  

The International Max Planck Research School for Neuroscience of Communication (IMPRS-Leipzig) invites MSc or equivalent degree graduates in cognitive neuroscience, psychology, medicine, neurobiology, linguistics, computer science, engineering, mathematics, physics, biochemistry, or related fields to perform research results in a PhD. The applicants need very good English language skills. Deadline for the complete application: January 4, 2016

 10 PhD Positions in Organismal Biology at the IMPRS-University Konstanz  

The International Max Planck Research School for Organismal Biology (IMPRS-Konstanz) invites MSc or equivalent degree graduates in biology or related disciplines. The applicants need very good English language skills. Email: Deadline for the application: January 15, 2016


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Dr.Bhme von der Humboldt-Universitt erklrt dem Delegationsleiter Iraks die biotechnologischen Vorteile bei der Vermehrung von Obst und Gemse
Businessdelegation Irak

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Heba, Taim und Kais from Tartous now in Berlin at home. Family reunion from Syria - Thank you Embassy! Thank you Auslaenderbehoerde! Berlin, March 30, 2008
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